From the Tech Desk: Sharing Experience & Knowledge

There is a constant push to introduce new products into the marketplace by companies in an attempt to stay on the cutting edge and to sell their products.  The pressure is on to sell the new equipment when the existing product is still a good functioning piece of equipment.   Reading in the various technical publications you can see articles that mention development tools that will help reduce the time to market a new product.  What would normally take years, can be reduced to months by using these tools.  This again puts more pressure on companies and their distributors to sell their new products and tend to steer current customers to purchase the new equipment.  The older equipment is still in good condition and will continue to do the job it was designed for.  We at strongly believe that the older equipment is still viable and with some maintenance procedure in place, this equipment can continue to function for many years.

In this blog, I would like to invite you to share your experience working with the equipment you have experience with and knowledge that you have gained from using those tools. One of the biggest problems that I come across is finding good documentation on the maintenance of the equipment. The information is hard to find and many of the products do not come with any maintenance information to help in repairing the equipment.  The only resort is to send it to the factory for repairs – which can take several weeks or longer.

I am hoping to mutually share tips on usage and repair information of the various pieces of equipment that you are using in the field. Some of this repair work can be done by you if you feel you are confident and have the right information.  Feel free to comment below or send an email to and submit questions to me that you may have relating to the use, repair and maintenance of your equipment and I will do my best to get an answer for you.  I have found that you are the best source of information on the operation of the equipment.  We all have different ways of doing our work to get the job done.  Sharing your knowledge on this blog will let other members see how you do your process which might be a different way for them to do the same job.  You might also learn different ways to improve your processes.

-The EQ Engineer

Advertisements Where We Have Been & Where We Are Going

You may have noticed that nothing new has been posted in quite some time here on our little blog, and you’ve probably found yourself asking “Where did SurplusEQ go?” Well, we haven’t gone anywhere! We’ve been busy collaborating and designing new innovative ways to better serve you. We’ve got exciting new things on the horizon and are thrilled to be able to share some of the changes you can expect to see from in the very near future!

First, we are excited to announce that in addition to providing you with an active blog, we can now connect with you using some of today’s popular social media and networking sites.

Facebook Icon Facebook®. can now be found on Facebook! But now we need your help in making it successful. Connect with us to stay up-to-date on what’s going on with, industry news, specials, and more. Start discussions and get responses from people in your industry. Have questions? Ask us, and we’ll do everything to provide the best possible answers. Give us your feedback on ways can provide better business and solutions for you. High Tech Equipment can be found within the Facebook Pages – become a fan!

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Since we are new to the social media and networking sites, the more feedback we receive, the better our pages will be and the better we can serve you! We are aiming to be more personable, more interactive, and a more useful resource for you.

We’ve also been working on several great improvements for our website and our blog. Here are just some of the exciting new things you can expect from us:

New Websites. Thanks to you, has become the most successful source for used and refurbished fiber optic and high-tech equipment over the past 10 years. To expand our market even further, we’ve created It will specialize in primarily new fiber optic equipment and supplies. To make your online shopping experience easier and more efficient, our new and improved websites are going to be cutting edge, more user friendly, and packed with great features. Our goal is to become your single source for all of your fiber optic and high-tech equipment needs. So stay tuned for these exciting changes!

Financing. To help make things a little easier on you, will soon offer financing options! We want to help you get started on your project today. More details to come….

From the Tech Desk. We get a ton of good questions from you all regarding equipment, procedures, and other technical matters. So starting a couple times a month, one of our knowledgeable technicians will be answering YOUR questions right here on our blog. This informative blog series will be titled “From the Tech Desk” and we look forward to sharing with you soon. Send us your questions today by emailing! (All names will be kept anonymous.)

“How To” Videos. These days, online videos are an easy way of providing useful information. is now aiming to bring you “How To” videos demonstrating procedures and functions when dealing with your equipment and related areas. If you have an idea for a video you’d like to see, let us know!

We’re really excited about the new changes and hope you will be too.  We want to be more than just a store, and more than just another blog on the web. We want to be a global provider for all of your high tech needs. Whether you’re a customer or not, we want to be your source for news, information, and insight to the fiber optic, telecommunications, and high-tech industries.

And we want to send out a big THANK YOU to everyone who’s stuck around and continued to support us over the years. As we move forward we promise to continue staying committed to excellent customer service while providing competitive pricing and equipment to fulfill your project needs!  So spread the word and keep coming back as we have lots more in store for you.

Utilizing Used Test Equipment In a Weak Economy

The economy as we all know is not getting much better and for a lot of small fiber optic companies they need resources.  I have written articles about how to sell your used test equipment, how to find affordable fusion splicers etc. Let’s talk about how to go about finding test equipment and the options that you have.

First and foremost you could hire a broker to find the used test equipment for you. Great part about this is that they have many options and dealers that they can go through. Problem though they will sell the equipment for a marked up price so that they can receive some sort of money for playing the middle man.

You could go directly to auction houses to try and find the right type of used test equipment you are looking for. Great part about this is that you will possibly pick up a great piece of test equipment. Problem is that you are bidding against others and the condition of the equipment is in an as is form. It could work or it could not. Do you have a technician on staff that would be able to test the equipment? Do you have the budget to have someone take the time to do this?

The Best option that I feel as I am writing this is to go directly to a company who specializes in used test equipment. I know this sounds like a shameless plug for , but let’s take a look at the advantages.

  • We have a fully trained staff of technicians that test all of the equipment that comes into our warehouse.
  • We have a sales staff that will be able to guide you in the right direction
  • We have a catalog type website that is the most user friendly you will find.
  • We offer warranties on all equipment that our clients purchase.

Now I’m not saying that you have to go to and buy all of your used equipment. Although this site does have one of the largest selections of fiber optic test equipment, there are other quality sites out there that will offer the same for you. Here is a few of them: they offer a wide array of fiber optic products mostly new but they can guide you to the used section is you call them or visit their website. another great used test equipment website that offers many used fiber optic test equipment products at discount prices. started out as a site that bought and sold used computers and networking equipment, however with the changing times decided to start buying and selling new and used test equipment.

Keep in mind with changing global economy used test equipment is in much higher demand. Companies cannot afford to pay the high prices for new equipment. Price, quality and availability are the driving factors for the small and larger fiber optic companies. You know the importance of FTTH and FTTx if you are a contractor or installer you know the importance of winning that bid. Now is the time to ask yourself if you have the right test equipment and supplies for the job. Do you?

Selling Your Used Test Equipment

Has your used test equipment become old and unutilized? Would you like to replace it with a newer refurbished model, but you do not know what to do with the old one? We have the solution for you.  buys used test equipment: old cable testers, fusion splicers, ODTRs, oscilloscopes, network analyzers and test measurement equipment.optic equipment: fusion splicers, fiber optic test equipment, ODTRs, test and measurement equipment, modules, parts and accessories (such as battery packs & chargers), and so on. We have products of all ranges and prices.

Take advantage of this incredible opportunity of getting rid of your used fusion splicer and buy a newer model or just sell your used test equipment to us and put cash back into your company. We all know that fiber test equipment depreciates very quickly and there is always a newer and better model coming along. Perhaps it is time to replace your used fiber splicer with a better model or sell your no longer needed fiber splicer for cash. provides a wide range of fiber

If you have used or surplus equipment that you would like to dispose of, you can always sell it to us. We are ready to pay cash, trade or credit towards a purchase for your used fusion splicer (or any other unused test equipment item) most times within 24 hours.

We all have unused equipment that we tend to forget about and we do not put value to it. However, here is your chance to get some of that cash back into your pocket for your optic fiber equipment that you rarely use or don’t use at all. So do not preserve your used fiber splicer. It is more advantageous to sell it or swap it for a newer model or some equipment you can use. Just look at all the newer models that you can get instead.

If you have a used fusion splicer or any other test equipment that you are no longer using, contact us and we will make a cash offer for it. Call @ (623) 581-9777 or email us

Perhaps you a looking to upgrade from your existing fiber splicer. We have a variety of models from manufacturers such as Ericsson, Fujikura, Sumitomo, Fitel.

We buy used test equipment from Agilent, Anritsu, Wavetek, Tektronix just to name a few.

Visit our website by categories and product type, in order to find the test equipment that you are searching for. Once you have purchased a product, you can rely on our customer service before and after the sale.

Our commitment for quality and total satisfaction of our customers has helped us to become number one Source for Test Equipment. We believe that our clients deserve the best services and that is exactly what we offer them. Just check our carefully selected electronic test equipment.

Selling Your Excess High Tech Inventory

You are in charge of fiber optic test equipment inventory for your company and you notice that some of your test equipment is wearing down. You can’t begin any new project without the right test equipment. What are you going to do?finances at a fiber optic company knows that buying new test equipment could cost thousands. New Test Equipment including fusion splicer’s, OTDR’s, Power Meters and other products, could severely cut into your profits from the project.

You could call a repair center that specializes in fiber optic test equipment, but repairs to test equipment easily hundreds if not thousands of dollars. You could buy new equipment, but any person in charge of  your budget might have other ideas.

That’s where a used test equipment website comes in. Better yet, a website that carries all the products that you are looking for in one spot. You can find good condition used fiber optic test equipment at these web sites for as little for deeply discounted prices!

Websites like offer their customers discounted prices on all fiber optic test equipment. This takes the pressure off of you. Let’s say you go to a classified site and see a fusion splicer that you want. Who is going to test it for you? How do you know that the person you are buying from is a credible person? A company like scours all the major auction sites and finds the best possible prices for the test equipment. They pay less and in turn you the customer does as well.

Perhaps you have surplus equipment and you need to get them out of your inventory so you can replace them with newer models or other test equipment. You can use a free membership at a classified Website to sell or trade your used equipment. This is not a bad option. However; one important question arises. Do you have the time to be nickel and dimed by a prospective buyer? Do you really want a new headache? Companies like and not only sell used test equipment but they also buy used fiber optic test equipment and electronic test equipment too!

Think about it! Wouldn’t it be less of a headache to contact companies like Companies like this take all the hassle of you having to post to classifieds wait for responses and then start the negotiating process.

When you use an Asset recovery service like you start the process off by contacting them and sending in your products for sale list. Always be sure to include the manufacturer, model, price wanted and any pictures that you can of the item. The more information you send at the beginning will ensure that your process will be as efficient as possible.

Don’t get stuck with excess inventory and unwanted assets. Do your homework and find the best possible avenues to sell you used test equipment.

To sell your used test equipment contact one of SurplusEQs’ Asset Recovery Team Members at 623-581-9777, or email For more information on Asset Recovery and Liquidation visit

$7 Billion to go to Improving Broadband Access

With the latest stimulus package being approved it is no surprise that 7 billion dollars will go to expanding the net’s reach to rural areas. To date many areas are not able to receive broadband internet access. President Obama has and Congress have changed that for the better. How the money is to be spent is as follows:

Of the $7 billion, the National Telecommunications and Information Administrationwill get $4.7 billion to be distributed via grants aimed at increasing broadband adoption, improving broadband deployment in unserved and under-served areas, bettering access to broadband by public safety agencies. In addition, it will serve to stimulate the economy by creating IT-related jobs. The remaining $2.5 billion will go to the Rural Utilities Service that connects rural Americans to broadband.

An additional $350 million goes toward the Broadband Data Improvement Act for mapping and community initiatives, with a minimum of $250 million for various programs that stimulate broadband adoption, and at least $200 million to expand public computer center capacity in libraries and community colleges.

Last but not the least, the FCC is required to submit a report to Congress detailing how a national broadband plan will ensure broadband access for all Americans. Also, everyone can see how this money is being spent at the newly setup site It details federal spending state-by-state with more detailed information available over the coming weeks and months, as the funds start to go out. (Christian Zibreg).

What does this mean for Fiber Optic Installers and Fiber Optic Tools and Supplies Dealers? Its obvious it will increase business opportunity. has been around since 1999 it has seen the good times of the dot com days and it has now seen the downside of a weak economy.  With companies like SurplusEQ feeling the economic strain we have managed to stay one of the most respected sources for new, used and surplus fiber optic test equipment. This stimulus package will not only benefit our nation but will also benefit companies like and With more projects being bidded comes the need for quality fiber optic equipment. While we are not saying we are the only game in town, you can rest assured that through these tough economic times we have seen an increase in sales. This is due to the fact that companies are down sizing, we have a large surplus budget to help liquidate those companies, you the customer benefits by getting quality tested product for much less than buying new.


For an entire list of our Fiber Optic Test Equipment

To contact us Directly call 623-581-9777 or email

Buy New or Used OTDR

The optical time domain reflectometer is an optoelectronic instrument which is used to characterize an optical fiber. The purpose of the OTDR is to inject a series of optical pulses into the fiber that is tested. Furthermore, the OTDR extracts from the same fiber a light that is reflected back from points in the fiber where the index of refraction is changed.


The OTDR is usually used by cable contractors who test and certify their cable installations. The OTDR measures the estimated length of the fiber and its overall attenuation and it can also be used to locate certain faults. This tool is quite expensive taken into consideration the fact that it is not used too often and in this case SurplusEQ suggests you look into buying a used OTDR. We do offer new OTDR at prices that beat most suppliers.


Other information provided by the OTDR, except the loss-length test is: the single-ended testing of fibers, the measurement of the distance to the end of the fiber, the checking of the quality of each piece of the fiber link, the documentation regarding the characteristics of the fiber link and troubleshooting faulty fiber links. The OTDRs are useful tools, whether you Buy Used OTDR or new OTDR, the difference between them being OTDR Price.


OTDRs are generally used in the testing of very long cable runs, when one cannot dig up or remove a cable that is kilometers long. These devices are indispensable for the preventive maintenance of the telecommunication lines. Moreover, OTDRs can even detect the existence and location of wire taps, being excellent surveillance countermeasures. These are even useful in the failure analysis of high-speed  printed circuit boards and in industrial environments, where the OTDR can test the integrated circuit packages in order to measure liquid levels. Whether you Buy a used OTDR or a new OTDR, you can be sure that it is worth every penny since it is a very efficient tool.


Nowadays, there are a lot of models of OTDR available on the market. OTDRs are complex fiber optic testing devices and due to the fact that their features and capabilities vary widely, it can be quite a problem to decide which fiber optic testing tool is best for you. Besides the OTDR Price you also have to take into consideration the features of a certain OTDR. If you are having problems choosing an OTDR or whether you are not sure if it is a good thing to Buy a new or used OTDR, we suggest you to check out our website or call one of our qualified sales associates. As you may already know we dont use answering services, when you call us with questions we answer them directly. 


You will find that each OTDR has all the necessary information in order to help you make the right decision and buy the adequate OTDR which is right for what you do. Furthermore, our website will give you the OTDR specifications, interpretation and measurement methods. has a large selection of new and used OTDRs. Our  prices are greatly discounted and we carry all the major manufacturers.

View our selection of new and used OTDRs


The OTDR will help you determine in a very short period of time how healthy is your fiber LAN. Thus, you can see what needs to be improved and make the necessary changes. If you want to save some money, don’t hesitate to Buy a used OTDR but first make sure that the device is functional and that you purchase it from a reliable supplier like We test all of our equipment and  will give you some warranty regarding its functionality.


Call Chris with any questions and special savings on your next OTDR Purchase

602-867-1904 or email